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Interesting recycled plastic is still a bright future

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Due to the economic downturn, the off-season also will come, many people are in the waste plastics waste plastics industry trough hundred thousand turn back, while looking forward to the twists and turns, while they feel hopeless, and now we have to analyze renewable plastics industry under development prospects . I believe that the recycled plastics industry's future is bright.
    Great economic value
    According to the survey results show that the amount of plastic waste generated per month of approximately 34.13 million tons, recycling reached 24.878 million tons, account for about 30% of plastic consumption. If converted to crude oil, equivalent to saving more than 4,000 tons of crude oil, and therefore, there is no doubt that the influence of recycled plastics is huge.
    See this data, sigh, recycled plastic can be considered human value is manifested!
    Recycled plastics industry is the potential for stocks
    People in their daily lives for plastic products has become increasingly dependent strong, according to statistics, in 2016 the amount of plastic in use worldwide will reach 500 million tons, global plastics consumption is expected to grow at an annual rate of 8% growth in 2030, plastic the annual consumption will reach more than 700 million tons, and the annual amount of waste plastics at about 2.6-3 million tons.
    So, do not be discouraged, there are so many waste plastics processing waiting for us!
    Necessity means of social development
    Recycling of waste plastics, as a measure to save energy, protect the environment, is attracting increasing attention, especially the developed countries work started early, has received significant benefits. Oil reserves less and less, recycled plastic also means that oil regeneration. Use of waste plastic melt granulation, both ease of plastic raw materials supply and demand, but also save a lot of countries import crude oil in foreign currency.
    In addition, since the vast majority of non-degradable plastic, over time, can cause serious white pollution, destruction of the ecological environment of the Earth. The plastic recycling can alleviate pollution problems. Thus, waste plastics recycling industry can conserve resources for the country, promote economic development, but also make a significant contribution to environmental protection, it is a benefits the country, in the contemporary era, will benefit future generations of the cause of environmental protection.
    Recycled plastics broad application prospects
    Daily life, used to make plastic bags, buckets, pots, toys, furniture, stationery and other daily utensils and plastic products; garment industry, used to make clothing, neckties, buttons, zippers; construction materials used to make various building components, construction tools, plastic doors and windows, plaster barrel; agriculture, can be used to make plastic sheeting, suction pipe, farm machinery, fertilizer bags, cement packaging bags; machinery industry, renewable particles after special recipes, available in the manufacture of machinery parts, various forms of bearings, gears, cams, different wheels, sealing rings, various blades, all kinds of pump impeller; chemical industry, it should be used to make reactor, pipes, containers, pumps, valves, etc. application in solving corrosion wear chemical production sites; in addition, renewable particles is also widely used in the electrical industry and the telecommunications industry.