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Plastics industry is imperative to control capacity expansion

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With the adjustment of domestic industrial structure, the plastic supply pattern transformation, PE in five general-purpose plastics production capacity grew from second place in 2011 fell to third place in 2015, and gradually to the production of PVC, in five general-purpose plastics production a substantial decline in the proportion.
2011 PVC production capacity in the proportion of five general-purpose plastics 45%, followed by PE production capacity accounted for 22%, PP production capacity of slightly less than PE, ABS and PS production capacity accounted for respectively 6% and 5%.
2015 of PVC capacity expansion slowed, while the PP capacity expansion faster, accounting for PVC production capacity is reduced to 36%, PP production capacity accounted for 28% of the added value, increase production capacity to 24% the proportion of PE , ABS and PS capacity expansion is relatively slow, ABS and PS production capacity accounted for 6%.
Comprehensive domestic production and imports, the calculation of five general-purpose plastic self-sufficiency rate. Overall domestic production continued to amplify, from 2011 to 2015, five general-purpose plastic self-sufficiency rate has increased, PVC self-sufficiency rate increased by 8% to 99%, PP self-sufficiency rate rose 11% to 78%, ABS self-sufficiency rate increased by 10% Zhi 62%, PS self-sufficiency rate increased by 7% Zhi 73%, PE self-sufficiency rate increased by 1-58%.
PVC and PP self-sufficiency rate is high, mainly due to PVC and PP production capacity is large. PE and PVC self-sufficiency rate is less than PP, mainly to limit domestic supply structure, more reliance on certain imports, mainly divided into price-dependent and dependent on product type, price dependent on the Middle East, mainly low-end products a price advantage, product type dependent mainly South Korea, Japan and other high-quality bias, the presence of domestic supply gap in the product. ABS, PS domestic consumption is limited, with the amplification domestic production capacity, self-sufficiency rate increased gradually.
From five common plastics marketing model look, PE and PP direct relatively high rates were above 40%, while ABS and PVC direct relatively low rate of self-sufficiency rate is not higher than 30%, mainly various plastic products customer groups, differences in financial capacity and customer distribution center.
2016 Central Economic Work Conference to capacity, the task of de-stocking, PVC production capacity to trend more obvious, while PP capacity expansion plan is still more, if not controlled in time amplification rate PP production capacity, PVC is now the PP tomorrow. In terms of relative PP, PE of capacity expansion rate is relatively low, PE and PP larger spread, the spread in the East China 1800 yuan / ton. Five common plastics from the current price level point of view, is inversely proportional to the price and productivity, ABS production capacity is relatively small, capacity expansion more slowly, ABS prices higher than 10,000 yuan / ton; while PVC production capacity of the largest domestic supply-side stressful, PVC price less than 6000 yuan / ton.
China's economic growth into the shift period, slowing domestic demand for commodities affected the domestic commodity supply growth should be synchronized adjustment. Only control the speed of capacity expansion, product prices can be relatively strong, otherwise only the excess deeper quagmire, the market is hard for better performance. The plastics industry is imperative to control the speed of capacity expansion, adjusting the industrial structure, according to end-user demand, on-demand production and improve the technological content of products, increase the added value of products.