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Downcast world economic development of plastic products market

作者:超级管理员 时间:2016-07-05 浏览:1176次
Last year, the world economic downturn, weak market demand, the domestic economic downturn, a large outlet pressure. According to the total statistics, the annual textile, clothing, luggage, footwear, toys, plastic products, and other seven major categories of exports was 2.93 trillion yuan, down 1.7%.
Two months of 2016 exports of plastic products 34.92 billion yuan, down 11%, of which, exports of plastics in primary forms 361 million tons, down 4.7%. March exports of plastic products was 4.585 billion yuan, an increase of 39.48%. According to the latest statistical data shows that in 2016 from January to April of plastic products exports 3.17 million tons, an increase of 6.7%.
At present, China's exports of plastic products pressure is still large, there are some difficulties in the development of foreign trade with Japan, the EU direct trade in reducing, for our plastics business, as soon as possible to find a large market potential imminent. Australia developed economy, rich, strong consumer demand, the domestic plastic industry slightly weak, most plastic products rely on imports, which is a huge potential market for our plastic machinery and plastic products businesses. With the increasing Australia's environmentally friendly plastic products demand, the demand for new types of plastic machinery and related products will increase. Our country can not only have the price advantage in the local export of plastic machinery, plastic processing equipment can be provided for local businesses, but also supply their own production of various plastic products, the two complement each other and promote the development of the entire plastics industry in Australia.
Such a grim situation of foreign trade, export enterprises to solve the problem from the following aspects:
First, establish and improve product quality management system, improve product quality, strictly control the quality of raw materials, to prevent shoddy materials into production.
Second is to strengthen investment in product technology, process, and accelerate the development of innovative products, reduce low-end low-quality products, improve the ratio of high-tech products, and strictly control the use of brominated flame retardants.
Third, enterprises should change the traditional trade, and actively participate in various domestic and international exhibitions the Assembly, take a variety of e-commerce marketing.
It is understood that China's exports of plastic products market continued to decline. There are several reasons: First, foreign anti-dumping. If the Chinese ban waste embodiment, the thorough investigation of overseas Chinese plastic products, anti-dumping investigation will continue to increase. Second, China plastic products for the semi-finished products, will be difficult to meet the needs of European and American markets. Finally, most domestic products are not perfect quality management system. For the reasons above aspects, one can find a broader space for development in the country, on the other hand to improve the quality of their products.